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10 DIY Ways To Upgrade Your Halloween Party


These paper masks and props will complete your last-minute DIY Halloween costume and upgrade any photobooth.

2. Boo Banner

This cut-out “Boo!” banner will help you set the mood.

3. Chocolate Boo Goo Apples

What will you serve for snacks? These caramel apples come with a side of scary!

4. Boo Halloween Garland

If you want to have a killer Halloween party, start with the decorations. Needle felt some pumpkins and ghosts for a hanging garland.

5. Black Devil Martini Recipe

You can’t host a party without drinks – this frightful-looking martini is sure to delight your guests.

6. Knitted Eyeballs

Knitted eyeballs are equal parts creepy and cute.

7. Stairway to Rat Heaven

Bring the creatures of the night indoors for a spell with these papercraft critters.

8. Halloween Amigurumi Ornaments

Crochet these cute Halloween amigurumi ornaments for party favors or decorations.

9. Monsters and Zombies Embroidery

Embroider some zombies and monsters to hang on the wall or give to friends.

10. DIY Halloween Nails

Now that your apartment is ready for a party, you need to prep yourself, too! Here are some ideas for a spooky nail art makeover.

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