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13 Ways Your Childhood Fantasy Of Living Like “The Jetsons” Is Coming True


As a kid, remember hoping the future would be just like an episode of The Jetsons?

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Well, WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. And you are already living in it, because…

Well, WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. And you are already living in it, because...

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1. Rosie, the Jetsons’ robot housemaid, exists in real life.


In 2010, Korean scientists created a household robot that’s able to clean up, do laundry, and heat food up in the microwave.

2. Robot teachers also exist in real life.


A few computer-circuited “teachers” have been popping up in elementary schools in South Korea to help teach kids English. They hope to introduce 830 robot teachers nationwide by 2013.

3. Video calling (or Skyping) is a totally normal mode of communication.


Not a novelty anymore, but remember how cool you thought it was when Jane Jetson did it back in 1984?

4. Personal flying vehicles? We have those too.


The “Terrafugia” is a flying car envisioned by the Massachusetts aerospace center. Although it exists as a model today, it’s only two years away from hitting the market.

5. …which means we’re that much closer to flying in our own hover aircrafts and never walking again.

6. Shopping malls are becoming more and more futuristic.


“The Blob” in Eindhoven, Netherlands is a 25-meter high shopping center that looks like it took a page directly from The Jetsons’ “Orbit City” set in 2062. It’s only a matter of time before these futuristic buildings stand in the middle of the sky. That is, when we have our hover cars, of course.

7. George Jetson proved you can walk your dog without going anywhere.


Doggy treadmills are becoming more and more advanced, which means your dog might be able to one day walk itself.

8. Trains can now travel at crazy lightening speeds.


China’s “high-speed rail” moves at an average speed of 200km/hour. To put that into perspective, you can basically make the trip from DC to NYC in under 2 hours.

9. Physical newspapers are becoming a thing of the past.


10. Clear elevator shafts can be a totally reasonable feature in your house.


11. The Jetsons paved way for the beloved Roomba.


12. You can finally watch television on your watch.


13. And anything or anyone will soon be able to fly through the air.


Here’s to hoping one day you’ll be able to ship your loved ones on an Amazon Drone.

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