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25 Clever DIY Ways To Keep Your Jewelry Organized


1. Wild Animal Hanger

Wild Animal Hanger

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This wild animal jewelry hanger looks amazing against an accent wall. Angelique from Le Marche Eclectique shows us how to make it.

Supplies: a wooden plank, some plastic animal toys, a little handsaw (or very shape knife), white spray paint (or another color if you prefer), glue, a ruler, and a pencil.

1. Draw a line in the middle of the wooden plank with the pencil; this will act as a guiding line for where to place your animals.

2. Cut plastic toys in the middle with the handsaw.Don’t worry, plastic toys are really easy to cut!

3. Follow the drawn line to stick the half plastic toys on the wooden plank. Press the toys firmly so they stick, then allow to dry.

4. Paint the plank and toys with white spray paint. Allow to dry.

Done! Simply hang your jewelry on the animal hooks.

2. Chalkboard Cubbies

Attach empty tape rolls to a corkboard and you have snazzy circular jewelry cubbies. This post has the details.

3. Faux China

Create a China-inspired jewelry display with faux plates, embroidery hoops, teacups, and foam. Check out this tutorial.

4. Hinged

Spray paint two planks of wood, attach them with hinges, add hooks, and you have a simple but elegant jewelry hanger, as created here.

5. Painted Burlap

Frame painted pieces of burlap, and use them as art-pieces-turned-jewelry-hangers. Here are the details.

6. Leather and Twig

Make a rustic chic hanger with a twig and strips of leather. This post shows you how.

7. Scrapbook Paper and Photos

Cover a piece of wood with scrapbook paper, then add photos to make a jewelry hanger full of happy memories, like this blogger did. Attach hooks to the bottom for your necklaces.

8. Lace

Dye a piece of lace with tea to give it an older look. Then hang it on the wall for a simple striking jewelry hanger, as done here.

9. Colorblock Driftwood

Paint a piece of driftwood, add hooks, and you’re done! Check out this blog post.

10. Ram Dish

Create this clever Anthro hack with some plastic animal figures, plates, and spray paint.

11. Giraffe Dish

Or try this variation on the wild animal thing with papier mache and gold leaf. These directions show you how.

12. Stacked Plates

Stack plates with brass candlesticks between for a quick and easy jewelry stand, as done here.

13. Chicken Wire

Create a chicken wire web in a wooden frame, as done here. Add a few nails so you can hang necklaces as well as earrings.

14. Branches

Super easy, and super pretty. Put some branches in a funky old vase, and hang your necklaces, as done here.

15. Wood Samples

Wooden floor samples have a pathworky aesthetic. This post shows you how.

16. Clothing Hanger

WIth an old coat hanger and some loop screws, you’ve got a quick and easy jewelry hanger. Check out this tutorial.

17. Grater

Just spray paint a grater and you’ve got a jewelry hanger. You can also decorate the top with a piece of vintage lace, like this blogger did.

18. Bottles

Turns out most bottles are just the right size for bracelet storage. This fun idea was spotted here.

19. Thread Spools

Cover a piece of wood with fabric, and use a power drill to secure spools that are perfect for necklace hanging. This tutorial has the details.

20. Hardcover Book

Drill gold nails into old book covers for necklace hanging, like, this blogger did.

21. Ombre Wooden Pegs

This post shows you to drill a dowel into segments, paint each a shade of the same hue, then glue to a black backboard for an elegant hanger with a pop of color.

22. Wire Frame

Paint or decorate an old frame, then secure wire with a staple gun. Follow this tutorial.

23. Staircase Spindle

Paint an old staircase spindle, stick a cork in the top with wires coming out, and make a bracelet bouquet. This blogger shows you how.

24. Repurposed Tray

This blogger performed an amazing makeover on an old set tray, turning it into a storage unit suited to a serious jewelry stash.

25. Hardware

Fix various pieces of hardware onto a fabric-covered board, as done here.

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