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31 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks


1. Mummy Juice Boxes

Mummy Juice Boxes

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Wrap ‘em up with white electrical tape.

2. Jack O’ Lantern Burgers

3. Circus Peanut Fingers

5. Wire Wall Sign

It’s just wire, shaped and taped to the wall.

7. Witch Hats

They’re just three ingredients: Hershey’s Kisses, fudge striped cookies, and orange frosting.

8. Thai-Spiced Deviled Eggs

Get the recipe here.

9. Demon Eyes for the Backyard

11. Ghostly Spirit Cupcakes

Not scary in the least, but easy as HELL.

13. Inflated Glove Lights

Check out the super cool and easy trick it takes to make this.

14. Glowing Plastic Cup Lights

17. Carrot Finger Food

Directions here.

18. Black Candles in a Bed of Candy Corns

19. Painted Rock-o-Lanterns

Add some glow-in-the-dark paint if you want the eyes to glow justly in the yard.

20. Easy No-Bake Cat Cookies

You need: Oreos, green M&Ms, pumpkin sprinkles, edible marker, and chocolate chips.

21. Mummy French Bread Pizzas

The olives are key.

24. Blood-Stained Towel for the Bathroom

You just have to be willing to ruin one of your nice fluffy white towels, but the effect will be worth it.

26. Cheesecloth Ghost

Directions here.

27. Gross Bug Tights

Glue some realistic-looking bugs to a pair of nylons and you’ve got the easiest costume ever.

29. Glowing Cocktails


No need for fancy slime punch. Tonic water glows under a black light.

30. Graveyard 7-Layer Dip

Where crunchy chips go to DIE.

31. Glow in the Dark Bracelets Instead of Candy

Not only are they a non-candy alternative that’s fun for trick or treaters, but the bracelets will keep kids safely visible while walking around in the dark.

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