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For Around $200, He Built An Awesome Floating Bed That You Need In Your Life Right Now


I’ve always wanted a really cool bed frame — but whether I’ll ever be able to justify spending that much money is still up for debate.

For now I’ve chosen to deal with my extremely basic metal frame rather than pony up the dough for anything better. But after coming across the floating platform bed that Redditor Rscar_ built for only $200, I’ll be living the good life — and sleeping extravagantly — in no time. If you want to up the style of your bed, you have to check this out.

While building the base, he kept in mind that it would need to hold a lot of weight.

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Support beams down the middle would make it extra sturdy.

Reddit / Rscar_

And with the added support on top, nothing’s breaking this bed!

Next came construction of the platform itself — medium-density fiberboard worked perfectly.

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With all of the building done, it was time to smooth that bad boy out with a sander.

Because Rscar_ crafted it so well, it was easy to disassemble and prime everything.

And after a few coats of black paint, it looked like it came right out of an IKEA showroom.

It’s so sleek and luxurious!

If you need this in your life as badly as I do right now, you can find the full instructions here. Now if only it could do this…

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