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Tim Peake’s Monday Is Definitely Worse Than Yours


British astronaut Tim Peake has only recently returned to Earth from his trip to the International Space Station.

If that wasn’t sad enough, Major Peake has admitted his body isn’t taking very well to being back on Earth. In fact, it sounds like the hangover of our nightmares, after spending a significant period of time in space and facing five times Earth’s normal gravity during the journey home.

Peake, 44, told ITV News:

Youre excited to be back, but you cant fully enjoy the experience because, to be quite frank, you feel pretty terrible.

It can only be described as something akin to the worlds worst hangover in terms of the everything that is going on in your head.

He also admitted that he’s going to miss the view from the space station.

The view of Earth is the biggest thing, and it is probably the thing that has the biggest impact on you, so it is quite natural that is the thing you will miss the most,

Alright, Tim, we’ve all done stuff.

The former helicopter test pilot and father of two spent 186 days in space, and participated in more than 250 scientific experiments – performed a spacewalk, ran the London Marathon from space (on a treadmill), and inspired more than a million schoolchildren with educational outreach activities. Oh, and awarded Adele with a Brit.

On Saturday, Major Peake and his crewmates made the trip back to Earth in a tiny Soyuz space capsule that measured just over 6ft across.

As they plunged through the atmosphere, friction on the crafts forward-facing heat shield slowed its speed from 17,398mph to 514mph and raised the temperature to a scorching 1,600C.

Major Peake was the first British astronaut to be sent to the ISS by the European Space Agency.On July 7 another trio of space travellers American Kate Rubins, Russian Anatoly Ivanishin and Japanese astronaut Takuya Onishi will fly to the space station from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. They will travel in a new upgraded version of the Soyuz, the MS-01, which has improved computer and avionics systems.

But never mind Peake, how awful is your Monday going? Let us know in the comments

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