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There are shops that have been around forever. J. K. Klammerth in Graz is one of those long-standing institutions. For generations, friends of table culture come to the store at Herrengasse in order to suitably endow their kitchens and dining rooms. In the course of the decades the family business has become one of the leading porcelain and glass trading businesses in Europe. moodley brand identity took Klammerth and its traditions on a journey to the here and now.

After the repositioning and the redesign by moodley, Klammerth remained the number-one address for table- and kitchenware. But the product range is not the only thing that is provided – more importantly, Klammerth offers real inspiration. The traditional brand now invites its customers – on- and offline – to become more aware of their time around the dining table and to celebrate the small moments of everyday life. In short: Klammerth thinks outside the box and discovers new worlds while doing so.

Client: J.K. Klammerth, Josef Hahns Erben
Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
Art Direction: Sabine Kernbichler
Graphic Design: Britta Fuchs
Text: Esther Böhmer, Andreas Leitner, Laura Kalcher
Photography: Michael Königshofer, Lilly Mörz
Project management / Brand Consulting: Lisa Haller
Director Digital: Birgit Taucher
Programming: Dominic Fuss, Timotheus Triebl
Social Media: Susanne Münzer