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Meet Our Authors: Andi Powers and Emily Grosse



Congrats on your book, Print, Paint & Ink! Can you tell our readers about the book and what they will find inside? 

Thank you! Print, Paint & Ink offers 21 projects that are perfect for anyone interested in learning to make their own stamps, prints, and painted accessories and home goods. We focus mainly on the inky-side, with some embroidery, bookbinding and more to boot!

Can you tell our readers a bit about each of you?

Emily graduated with a Master’s Degree of Art History from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006, and has always loved fine art and craft in the museum world.  She is the technical genius of the two of us–a true artist–while I (Andie) handle the design portion. I graduated from Emerson College in Boston in 2004, and worked in trend research for a bit until I migrated to Seattle from Los Angeles. We met in 2006, became fast friends and eventually opened Assemble Shop & Studio in 2009. After we made the decision to take the business exclusively online, we dabbled in kit manufacturing, and blogging, but inevitably decided to try our hand at illustrated nonfiction.


How was the process of co-authoring this book?

Working together is always fantastic. For some reason, we always have the same end-product in mind, and our creative sensibilities are very similar. When one of us gets stressed about a project, the other is always there to say, “hey, no worries!” and things turn out great. As far as writing the book went, it was most definitely a roller coaster of sorts. I was nine months pregnant with my daughter, Alice, and Emily was juggling two boys under 4. We originally completed a full 260 page book (during all of that chaos) that incorporated 5 types of crafting, but eventually shrank it down to one small book that focuses on printmaking. It was a difficult decision, but we look forward to using that extra content in other interesting ways! Stay tuned!

Can you tell us about your own creative process and what gets you inspired?

We are definitely inspired by our environment. The Pacific Northwest is FULL of gorgeous elements that can found in nature and utilized for craft and design, plus an inherently Scandinavian aesthetic that always makes us feel at home. Also, we love checking out Instagram for new projects that our favorite artists are working on. There are some amazingly talented people out there.


What are some of your favorite projects in the book?

Both of us love the Honeycomb Table Runner because it incorporates many different kinds of crafting (linoleum carving, printmaking and embroidery) into one streamlined project. And–the colors! I’m also a big fan of the cork stamps, because they are so fun to make. And I know Emily had a lot of fun with the Adventure Logs!

Now that your book is out, are you working on any new exciting projects?

We are currently deciding where to put all of those projects that we didn’t end up publishing! We are thinking it may be fun to do some online classes, or who knows–another book?

Be sure you are following us on Instagram for your chance to win your own copy of Print, Pain & Ink!  Andi and Emily will be at the show on Saturday to sign books.  Stay tuned!

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