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This Rustic, Homey Candle Is The Perfect DIY Craft To Make All Autumn Long


Theres nothing like the first crisp day of fall to put me in a crafting mood!

Whether Im prepping my go-to fall recipes for the season, or getting into the Halloween spirit with one of these clever, no-carve pumpkin decorating hacks, something about the dip in the mercury and the faint smell of woodsmoke makes me ready to break out the crafting supplies!

But while I love cooking delicious recipes like this genius hack for homemade tomato sauceand I cant wait to showcase some awesome Halloween decor, Ive really been on the hunt for a great craft that hints at the season, but has timeless appeal anytime of the year something thats perfect for my own home, or for giving out to friends as a tasteful, considerate gift.

Afterall, autumn is also a great time of year to hone the old DIY chops, and practice creating a few signature crafts that will make awesome gifts once the holidays roll around. Gifts get expensive, and theres nothing like stocking up on an affordable-yet-classy fallback!

Naturally, I was thrilled to discover this totally perfect tutorial. Combining just about everything on the ideal DIY craft checklist, this tutorial teaches you how to make a charming, rustic candle at home, with just a few ingredients available at your local craft store! Check out the video below to see how its done.

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