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GSN Review: Goodwood Stout Barrel Finish Bourbon


In a move toward diversifying its portfolio and reaching spirits consumers, Goodwood Brewing Co. recently announced a foray into the crafts spirits space with the launch of a Premium Bourbon aged in stout barrels. The 90 proof, small-batch bourbon is the first product to be launched under the Goodwood Spirits line.

Goodwood Stout Bourbon is aged in charred white oak American barrels for 12 years, before being finished in Goodwood Bourbon Stout barrels.” Bourbon has always been an integral part of the Goodwood product line with our barrel aged program ” notes CEO Ted Mitzlaff.” We are located in the heart of bourbon Country and understand the tremendous impact barrel finishing has on generating superior taste profiles .”

Goodwood Spirits was released in early February in select retail stores and exclusive accounts throughout the Louisville and Lexington markets, and will enter the rest of Kentucky in the near future. Goodwood Spirits can also be purchased at the Goodwood Brewing Taproom in Louisville, KY.

Goodwood Stout Barrel Finish( 90 proof) Visual: Medium dark copper. Nose: Hearty nose of classic bourbon, patinaed by chocolatey stout. This smells chewy. Taste: At first semi-sweet corn bourbon takes center stage, but soon a gradually dark, malty essence comes in and coats the palate with bittersweet chocolate. Well married. Finish: Long and with a curious dark cherry finale. Overall: A beautiful pairing and a genius idea. A heartier bourbon that snaps and commands your attention. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Goodwood

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