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How to Make Miró Inspired Magic Animal Masks For Kids


Catalina Gutierrez of Redviolet Studio shares how to create cardboard Miro inspired sorcery animal masks for kids!

“I want to see big birds, snakes and animals of the night in pictures.”- Joan Miro

I have a long, and I entail a LONG list of favorite artists that inspire me day in day out to do art with children.

Miro is among the top of such lists as his art is so colorful and relatable. It’s full of shapes and lines-so magical and inspiring to children( and adults too of course )!

I have done a few projects based on his work before. But I have got to say that these animal masks for kids( inspired by Antony Penrose’s book: “Miro’s Magic Animals” and by the artist’s wonderful paintings of fantastic animals) were a project that really sparked the kids’ interests and imaginations.

Animal mask made using cardboard, paint and glue

After reading the book and learning a little about Miro’s life and his love for plants and animals, we saw some of his paints of magical animals, and I started asking the kids questions 😛 TAGEND

“What kind of animal could this one be? ” I asked.

“It’s like a fish head with a lizard body! ” and “This one has the head of a giraffe and the leg of an armadillo! ” were some of their answers.

They were so excited trying to figure out what they considered and give names to the animals in Miro’s paintings.

Purple and pink Miró inspired cardboard animal mask

After this discussion I asked the kids to think about what their magic animal would look like.

“Mine is going to be a Uniraffe! ” said a girl. “And mine a catbear! ” … We had come up with all sorts of animal mixes and crazy ideas.

The kids were fired up and ready to start working on their masks on the basis of the animals they had invented.

Four Miró inspired magic animal masks with paint and scissors and cardboard How to Make Animal Masks for Kids

MATERIALSAffiliate link

Recycled Cardboard Pre-cut Cardboard Pieces googly eyes felt pieces scissors glue acrylic paint in various colors paintbrushes lids foam shapes yarn colored newspaper shapes cut straws colored matchsticks dowels( optional) hot glue gun& glue handgun sticks exacto knife

INSTRUCTION Boy creating animal mask for kids with blue stripes on cardboard 1. Cut out the animal mask shape

First, start by cutting out the shape of the mask utilizing recycled cardboard and an Exacto knife or sturdy kitchen scissors.

If you are working with more than one kid at a time cut the masks differently; be creative and silly!

Child painting cardboard shape for Miró inspired animal mask for kids 2. Paint the animal masks

Then set out the pre-cut masks and invite their own children to paint them. Cover the animal masks entirely with the acrylic paints set out in small jars or cups.

Remind the children to think about their magic animal face,” What does it look like? What shapes can they see in these faces?

Encourage them to cover the whole mask in paint, using different colorings and shapes.

Child using paint, buttons, oil pastels, yarn, scissors and glue to create Miró inspired animal masks for kids 3. Cut, glue and paste on animal features

Bring in the glue and most of the renders you gathered for the project: newspaper, felt, sticks, cardboard pieces, eyes, foamy, straws, cardboard shapes, etc.

These are mainly things I had around my studio, but you can pretty much include any item you have that may be fun to add features to the animal masks.

Black animals masks for kids with googly eyes inspired by Miró

Ask the kids to think about what the animal’s eyes look like, and nose…could it have two noses? What about the mouth? Will it be a large one or a tiny one filled with sharp teeth?

Pick their minds asking questions so they really set a lot of details into their creations. Remind them to use their scissors to cut the different materials into the shapes and sizes they desire.

Create magic animal masks for kids with cardboard and glue and yarn 4. Add hair to animal masks

Bring out the yarn, pre-cut in long strands and in different colors and see what happens. Most of the children started adding hair and beards to their animals.

It was so fun to watch how the masks mutated into something more fun and fantastic every minute of the process.

Child holding up multi colored cardboard animal mask 5. Add a dowel rod to the mask

Glue a dowel( with a glue gun) to the back of the mask once it’s dry and take all the animals out on a parade!

Child holding up magic animal masks for kids with dots on it 6. Imaginative share& play with animal masks

The children loved showing off their masks and discussing with each other what they created and the special powers their animals had.

It was a cool process all the way to the end! And I mean, check these out !!

Child holding up Miró inspired black cardboard animal mask

I hope you get a chance to try stimulating these amazing animal masks for kids!

About the Author Catalina is the founder of Redviolet Studio

Catalina is the founder of Redviolet Studio, a mobile art experience for children. She is originally from Colombia but has been based in Miami for the past 10 years.

Catalina teaches after school art class for preschool and elementary kids and sensory art& play class for toddlers.

She is very interested in the Reggio Emilia approach to education where most children lead their own learning process with the educator being more of a facilitator rather than a voice who shows them where to appear and what to find. She loves crafting with her boys and a good process art session.

Follow Catalina on Instagram and Facebook.

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