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HUGE List of FREE Homeschool Curriculum & Resources (31 Freebies!)


This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from HomeSchoolGiveaways.com. If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a mother, educator, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

General Homeschooling Freebies:

Valentine’s Day Star Wars Themed Coloring Pages– It may be past Valentine’s Day, but any Star Wars fan is sure to love these themed coloring pages! Download them now to have for Star Wars Day( May 4th) or save them for next year!

President’s Day FREEBIE& Book List– If you’re learning about the President’s this week, this FREEBIE and book list would be a great addition to your studies.

Humorous Teen and Tween FREE Valentine Cards– These FREE Valentine Cards for Teens and Tweens are not only cute, but funny too! They are too perfect not to save for next year!

FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt for Kids– Do your kids love scavenger hunts? This printable scavenger hunt will get them outside and on the move. Save these for a nice wintertime or springtime day when you can explore the outdoors.

FREE 7-Step Pre-Homeschool Planner Checklist– Don’t wait til the last minute to plan for your upcoming homeschool year. Use this FREE 7-step Pre-Homeschool planner to help you get organized and be ready for the new year.

FREE Homeschool on One Income Strategy Guide– Do you homeschool on one income? Or would you like to? This FREE printable strategy guidebook is a great place to start planning or help you homeschool on one income.

FREE Printable Love Bible Verse Bookmarks for Kids– These printable bookmarks would be perfect for any time of year for your young readers. Publish them out and laminate them to remind your kids about God’s love for them.

FREE Printable Homeschool or Blog Planner Rolling To-Do List– Do you have activities or lessons you need to complete on a recurring basis? Try this FREE rolling to-do list.

FREE Printable Five in a Row( FIAR) Planner– Do you use Five in a Row for your homeschool? These FREE printable planning pages can help. It includes notes pages, FIAR book lists, and much more to help you plan successfully.

Science& Nature Study Freebies

FREE Respiratory System Diseases Notebooking Research Journal– Are you studying the respiratory system this year? This FREE notebooking research journal is a great way to assistance kids learn and understand the different diseases that affect the respiratory system.

FREE STEM Activity Pack- Learn Science and Save Lives– Do your kids love STEM activities? This printable pack is a unique activity that will help explain the need for blood donations and how they save lives.

FREE Circulatory Systems Worksheets with Instant Download– There are so many different parts to the human body. The circulatory system is a very complex part of the human body. These FREE worksheets and the instant download are the perfect addition to being able to your study of the circulatory system.

FREE Nervous System Diseases Notebooking Research Journal– The Nervous System is the information highway of our bodies. It receives and filters datum from both inside our bodies and from the outside world. Use this FREE Notebooking Research Journal as you learn about it.

FREE Skeletal System Worksheets with Instant Download– These FREE Skeletal System worksheets will help your kids learn all about the bones and connective tissue in their bodies and how they work and protect the vital organs.

Polar Bear Notebooking Pages– Are you studying polar bears this year? Your kids can record what they know and all the new information they learn with these FREE printable polar bear notebooking pages.

All About Penguins: Printables, Crafts& Activities– We love studying the animals that hibernate during the winter. But what about the ones that live in cold temperatures year round? Kids will love learn abll about penguins with these FREE printables, crafts and activities.

Early Learning Freebies

FREE Early Childhood Theme Resources– Little ones love to learn, but use a theme to help them learn is always more fun. Here are some great resources to help you plan themed lessons and activities. And it’s FREE!

FREE Preschool Alphabet Hot Cocoa Printables– Do your little ones love hot cocoa? Then they are sure to love these adorable Alphabet Hot Cocoa printables to assist them work on their ABC’s. There are so many different ways to use these too!

FREE Preschool Printables, Activities and Crafts- Transportation Theme– Little kids love playing with trucks and automobiles, so why not turn it in to a fun learning unit. Use these FREE Preschool printables, activities and crafts to help.

Ice Skating Tot& PreK-K Pack– Are you taking a trip-up to the ice rink this year? Your little ones will love running through this adorable Ice Skating Tot& PreK-K Pack. And, it’s FREE!

Inuit Indians Playdough Mats– These playdough mats are a fun way to let little ones be involved in the studies while be used to help work on their fine motor abilities. In this pack they will work on four different letters and the numbers 1-10.

Free Math Resource:

FREE Math Games to Teach Grade 3 and Up– Whether your kids struggle with math or love it, learning through games is always more fun. Check out these 3 Free games geared toward third grade and up.

FREE Printable Fractions to Decimals Conversion Game– Do your kids struggle with the conversion of fractions to decimals? This FREE printable game is a fun way to assist them master it!

Free History Resource:

LIMITED TIME FREEBIE- US First Ladies Coloring Book– Learn more about the women behind the Presidents with this US First Ladies Coloring Book. But hurry…this is only available FREE for a Limited Time Only!

LIMITED TIME FREEBIE- Vikings Coloring Book– Are your kids fascinated with Vikings like mine? This printable coloring volume is a fun and creative route to assist them learn about the Vikings. But it’s only FREE for a limited time!

Free Language Arts Resource:

CVC Word FREE Printable List for Homeschool– If your kids are working on learning their CVC words, these printable listings will help. These are a great style to help them learn all the words with the same blend.

34 Style to Maintain Kids Busy During a Read-Aloud FREE Printable– Read-Alouds can be a fun time for homeschoolers, but it can also be a little stressful or even boring for some kids. Whether you have little ones or older kids, these notions will help you keep them busy while listening.

Creative Writing FREEBIE– Bring joy and excitement into your student’s writing with this Creative Freewriting Exercise.

Free Unit Studies& Fine Art Resources:

5 FREE Mini Unit Studies– Unit studies are a great way to learn about a topic from all different angles and topics. Now you can get 5 mini unit studies for Sign language, Ancient Egypt, Space, Baseball and Football- absolutely FREE.

FREE Life of David Printable Pack– Whether you use this as a historical study or Bible study, this FREE Life of David printable pack is full of fun activities including math, sequencing cards, copywork, number puzzles, alphabet matching cards and much more. But hurry…it is only free through the end of February 2019.

Older Student Freebies:

FREE Homeschool History Unit Study and Lapbook to Teach World War II– Are you learning about World War II in your history studies? This lapbook is a great way to help students retain what they learn in a fun, hands-on way.

Music& Composer Notebooking Pages– Whether your kids are studying music history, appreciation or merely love music, these FREE printable Music and Composer Notebooking Pages are the perfect addition to their research. This set includes 24 pages.

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, bargains, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, dinner schemes, free unit studies, and much more.

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