Displaying Your Arts & Crafts With Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual scrapbook more than anything else. It allows people to share to the world their interest through pictures and other noteworthy pins. People use Pinterest to showcase their talents in arts and craft. Many users got hooked into Pinterest because they want to show their like-minded followers about their talent. Indeed, this site proved to be not only an avenue for businesses to generate traffic and build links for marketing purposes. Pinterest is first and foremost a huge art gallery where people can see other people’s artwork or crafts. People are given the chance to see art otherwise restricted by distance. Now anybody wherever he may be can readily display his artwork all thanks to Pinterest.
If you are a dedicated artist, you would surely be interested on how you can display your craft or artwork on Pinterest right? Displaying is one thing but displaying it in style is another. Artists would always go for the best way to display their artwork. They know that the more interesting their pins become the more chances it would be re-pinned and liked. So if you are interested in displaying your pins with style then read on, you may get some pointers along the way.
When pinning photographs it is important to move away from the normal. If you are going to pin photographs of crafts it would be better to give it a good backdrop. Try placing your basket amid an interesting backdrop of say a local lake or a local tourist attraction. This will make the photo of the craft truly unique and pin-worthy. Make sure that the backdrop will not steal the thunder from the craft or else it will end just a basket in the middle of a tourist attraction. It will not be much of a use to promoting your craft.
Let us take a cue from marketers using Pinterest. There are marketers that use Pinterest in clever ways. They would often photograph their products how it is used in real-world situations. How do you make this idea work for you? Let small children be photographed looking at your sculpture. Photograph celebrities that are marveling at your new painting. Make fuzz about people taking a look at your creations. This will steer influence and will coax people to give a second look at your pins.
Another great way to display your arts and crafts is through creative pinboard names. Brainstorm for catchy pinboard names so that people would be more intrigued and would drive their mice to click over and see what is in store for them. Catchy pinboardname suggestions are blue blueberries for blue paintings about still life or brownie baskets for brown baskets that you created as a basket weaver.
Using photoshop and photofilters is another great way of putting something unique in the pins. Remember the more unique the pin is, the more likely it will get re-pinned or liked. Either way it will generate a lot of buzz for your pins. More buzz for your pins means more people getting interested on what you have to pin on your pinboard.
Truly, Pinterest is a valuable platform to display your arts and crafts. It can become a virtual art gallery if you know how to harness Pinterest’s potential. It is important that you know what attracts people to re-pin your content so that you can get maximum exposure. The more exposure you get will give you a wider audience where you can showcase your talent. Now the world becomes your art gallery!

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