Top Crafts People Pay Money For!

What crafter wouldn’t like to know the ‘secret’ to finding the
crafts that sell? Especially the ones that sell most often, and
for the highest dollar. It is a common question, and one that
certainly cannot be answered easily. A number of factors will
determine the success of your craft on the craft show circuit.
If you can imagine craft shows all across the country, you could
probably imagine several different types of crafts at each show.
This is just one reason why it is difficult to pinpoint the
craft that will be successful in your area. But, if you want to
sell crafts for a profit, then you are going to have to figure
out which type of craft is already popular.
Go to craft shows and see what is selling Ask around at craft
stores to find out what is really popular right now Find a niche
for something that ISN’T offered at your local craft shows
The first point is probably the easiest to do, because if you
already like crafts, then chances are you don’t mind going to
the craft shows. Besides, it is always important to check out
the competition before you even start your crafting business.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the retailer when you are
out there. They may or may not be willing to answer some – but
if you phrase them out of interest rather than fact finding you
may have better luck.
Once again, if you are a crafter, you likely head to the local
craft store on a regular basis, and you can gather a lot of
information here as well. Ask the people at the checkout
counter what has been moving really quick, or casually notice
what other people are carrying out of the store. Make regular
visits and you will see for yourself what moves in the stores,
as they rotate their goods and change their displays.
The third point is high-risk, high reward. If you find a niche
at the local craft shows, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you
are going to have the next hot-selling craft. With new products
it is often hit and miss – with miss being more often. But,
niche crafts – especially if they take advantage of other hot
trends – can be very profitable. As it is in any business,
those who stay on top of their market usually end up making more
money and are more successful in the end.
Here are a few tips for creating a profitable craft:
Find something functional. Most people would like to get some
use (however limited it might be) out of a craft they see.
Create something that is unique to your area – something that
people can only get if they come to your region. This appeals
to tourists and others just passing through and going to the
craft show.
Crafts that will make good gifts for others. Practical items
are also excellent for this purpose as well.
Rarely is there a sure thing in crafts. But, you can take much
of the guesswork out of finding the most profitable craft in
your area with a little research.
Still, across the craft show world, some of the top craft show
experts believe that the following craft areas are perennial
best-sellers: In no particular order –
Personal items (soaps, body lotion bars)
Entertaining items (wine charms, coasters, place cards)
Practical crafts (bread baskets, candles, placemats, anything
people can put to use!)
If you can find something in these areas, I would say that you
stand a much greater chance of selling your craft – and for top
dollar – at your local craft shows!

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