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Christmas Crafts for Kids Using Glitter –


Children’s craft projects don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. These ornaments are made from simple materials that most people have on hand. Adding inexpensive glitter that you find at a department or craft store is a way to make the ornaments unique. Make candy cane glitter ornaments and personalized glass ball glitter ornaments for your family’s Christmas tree or to give as gifts.

Candy Cane Glitter Ornament

This candy cane ornament is a glitter project for preschool-aged children. It involves cutting, pasting and glittering.

To complete this project, you will need the following:
* Heavy white paper
* Red construction paper
* White glue
* Q-tips or a small paint brush
* Glitter
* Ribbon

Draw a candy cane shape on heavy white paper. If the child is adept at using scissors, she can cut out the shape. If not, try to have the candy cane shape pre-cut before engaging the child in the project.

Cut strips of red construction paper the same width as the candy cane. The child can cut the strip into smaller pieces. These will be the candy cane stripes.

Pour a small amount of glue into a paper cup. The child can use the q-tip to dab glue onto the backs of the red candy cane stripes and glue them to the candy cane.

Once all the stripes are glued onto the candy cane, the child can paint glue in any pattern she likes onto the candy cane. Hold the ornament over a fresh sheet of paper and sprinkle it generously with glitter. Shake the excess glitter off onto the paper.

Punch a hole into the top of the ornament with a single-hole punch. Thread a ribbon through the hole.

Personalized Glass Ball Glitter Ornaments

This project is for older children who can write. Personalized glitter ornaments make great gifts from the children to special people in the family.

To complete this project, you will need the following:

* Glass ball ornaments in various colors
* White glue
* Fine-tipped paint brush
* Glitter
* Ribbon

Paint a name on the ornament using the white glue. Use large letters. Small letters are hard to decipher when sprinkled with glitter. Hold the ornament over a piece of paper and sprinkle generously with glitter. Carefully set the ornament down to dry.

Once dry, put a coordinating ribbon through the metal loop on the top of the ornament.

If the name doesnít turn out the way you expected, simply rinse the glitter and glue off before it dries and try again.

Candy cane glitter ornaments and personalized glass ball glitter ornaments are easy and inexpensive craft projects that can be done with children. Enjoy crafting with your child this holiday season.




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