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CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT CRAFTS: Easy Christmas crafts for kids.


Easy Christmas crafts for kids! Great classroom holiday party ideas for ornament crafts. Make a pom pom ornament and pipe cleaner candy cane and Christmas tree. 

Christmas crafts for kids 

Looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids? I brought these ornament crafts into my daughter’s classroom for her holiday party and they were a huge hit! She is in kindergarten, but they would worth through elementary school, as they are easy enough for little hands, but cute enough for older kids to love.

Find instructions for each ornament below, with video how-tos, and at the end of the post, find tips on how to make the crafts in the classroom or with a large number of children. 

Christmas ornament crafts 

I found all of the budget-friendly supplies for these Christmas ornament crafts at the craft store (on sale! with a coupon!), but I’ll link to online resources below. The kids loved making the ornaments. I had plenty of extra pipe cleaners for the kids who worked more quickly. The candy canes are so easy to make, some kids made several. 

pompom Christmas ornament 

you will need:

Remove the tops from the ornaments. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and make a hook for the top. Set aside.  Fill the ornament with an assortment of pom poms and bells. Replace the top. 

pipe cleaner ornaments 

you will need:

to make a pipe cleaner candy cane:

Cut pipe cleaners in half. Twist two different colors together and bend into a candy cane. 

to make a pipe cleaner Christmas tree: 

Hold a green pipe cleaner horizontally. Pinch with each hand near the center of the pipe cleaner, with about three inches between your hands. Fold each side up to make a “U” shape. Add beads as you like. When done, close the ends with a twist to form a triangle. 

tips on Christmas classroom crafts 


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