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DIY Conversation Hearts Pillow Tutorial: Consumer Crafts


There’s no denying that conversation hearts are the most iconic candy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I love making different crafts inspired by this fun candy, and today I’m sharing how easy it is to make a textured DIY conversation hearts pillow using felt and heat transfer vinyl. Create this pillow with just a few steps to add to your decor or gift to your favorite somebody!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY conversation hearts pillow:

Step 1. Cut out your felt hearts with a pair of scissors or a die cutter. If cutting with a pair of scissors, make sure the hearts are at least 4″ across.

Step 2. Cut the hearts in different colored felt, making sure they are the same size. If you are cutting using a die cutter, make sure to use a deep-cut blade for crisp and clean cuts.

Step 3. Cut your letters using a die cutter and weed the extra heat transfer vinyl that is not needed. If you don’t have a die-cutter, you can use light fabric iron on – just print the text out (from the  PDF template) onto your iron on and cut around the text.

Step 4. Iron the letters onto your felt hearts, and remove the carrier sheet after you are sure the letters are securely attached onto the felt.

Step 5. Before gluing your hearts down, place them on a grid on your pillowcase and adjust the spacing/layout until you are satisfied with how it looks.  Use a hot glue gun loaded with a fabric glue stick to adhere your felt hearts.

Step 6. Finally, stick the pillow form inside the pillowcase and your Conversation Heart pillow is done!

This fun throw pillow is such a cute addition to your Valentine decor, or to give to your special someone. Customize it further with your own wording and messages and different pillow cover colors. What is your favorite conversation heart message?

Aki is an avid DIY-er, crafter and designer. She loves trying out new craft materials, processes, and learning about new ideas. She has a passion for designing printed material as well, from free cards, wallpapers and party items. Follow her crafty adventures over at mintedstrawberry.blogspot.ca where she shares DIY tutorials and free printables.


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