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Football Jersey Mason Jar – Mason Jar Crafts Love


Football Jersey Mason Jar – Football Party Mason Jar Ideas.

I’ve heard through the grapevine there’s a big football game coming up …

some even call it Super.

You know, a football game that will be Super fun to watch and that Super fans will be so excited if their Super favorite team makes it through the playoffs to be one of the Super final two. The final two teams who will be playing in that Super duper game.

A game that is also referred to as a Bowl.

I wonder where the Bowl part came from?

I suppose I could Google it …

pause while I Google it …

here’s a link where you can read all about he origins.

In the meanwhile, if you’re planning on hosting a Super party to celebrate the upcoming Bowl game … and want to be a Super fan and cheer on your Super favorite team … here’s a tutorial on how to make a football jersey mason jar featuring your Super favorite team colors and your Super favorite team player’s number …

How To Make A Football Jersey Mason Jar

Blue Acrylic Paint (I used Americana Ultramarine Blue)

Red Acrylic Paint (I used Americana True Red)

Washi Tape (I use this Scotch brand I find at Staples and Office Depot)

Paint Brushes (I used the smallest brush in this pack; and a fine tipped brush for touch ups)

White Number Stickers (I used this Recollections brand that I found at Michaels)

Clear Coat Matte Finish Sealant (this is my favorite brand)

Give your jar two coats of latex primer. Let dry overnight between coats.

Once dry (overnight) tape off two bands using washi tape.

Give the jar one coat of blue paint.

Let dry overnight.

Tape off two bands to paint red. Leave about 1/4″ of white on the top and bottom of each band.

Paint red. Let dry.

Remove tape.

Use a fine tip brush to touch up areas where blue bled through. Let dry overnight.

Distress using 80 grit sandpaper, focused on raised areas and letters.

Add vinyl numbers. I went with NY Giant’s Eli Manning. Hey, I’m originally from New Jersey!

And you’re done!

I also sell these mason jars at my Etsy shop. Just click here …


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