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Top 10 Posts of 2018 for Glued To My Crafts – Glued To My Crafts


Well friends… the year 2018 is coming to a close quickly and we are going to go a little silent on our website, for a few days, to enjoy the time of season with family. But before I put my laptop away officially, I wanted to round off the year and do a TOP 10 post to share with you all today.

On that note, where has the time gone? As I type up those words, the reflective side of me is coming out hard. I can’t believe we are closing another year in the books for Glued To My Crafts. I never thought five years ago, that I would be sitting here marveling in this moment. Not only do I get to share my love of crafts every day of the year but I also get to support my family financially because of it. It’s really an awesome feeling to know that. A big thank you to those who come back every day and support me in this venture as well.

Today I’m sharing a “Top 10 of 2018 Post” to wrap up the good, the amazing and even BETTER from GTMC this year! Like every year, 2018 has had it’s own ups, downs and even challenges. From personal to even professional, it’s always a fun ride around here. It keeps me interesting, is what I like to say!

Just like previous years, I’ve seen A LOT of growth in myself as a website owner. I’ve worked really hard on my time management, delegating and learning new things every week that I can implement for our site in a better way. I’ve also been trying really hard to set myself apart from others and pave my own way. I’m not the type to be cookie cutter or follow the crowd. I want to be the “trend-setter” not the follower. Hopefully 2019 will bring my goal to light on that. One of my unique “stand outside the traditional” ideas is doodling images of my craft tutorials. Hopefully you have seen on our various social media sites and liked them too! It’s a great way for me to relax at the end of the day but still promote our website in a creative way.

A few years ago, when I wrote a similar “end of the year” post like today, my goal was to be a published author. This year it ALMOST happened. I was approached, I had a couple phone conversations, even signed a contract with the agent. Well… things didn’t work out and that’s ok. I truly believe timing is everything and sometimes things are not meant to be. It was a huge learning lesson and guess what? Next time I’ll be better prepared 🙂 Plus I like my sleep. This particular book deal was a SIX WEEK turnaround and looking back, I’m glad it fell apart. Yes, I cried {LOTS OF TEARS} but no amount of coffee or stress would have made it worth it in the end. All in time, it will happen! So I’ll leave “published author” as a goal of mine “still” but it needs to be different the next time around.

And this might sound weird but another goal of mine is to step back from publishing new posts on our site. If you have been a long time follower of mine, you know that I’m really good about creating and sharing new ideas, constantly. But because I’m always focusing my time on the new stuff, I suck on the promoting the past stuff. I really need to focus on growing the 2,000+ posts already alive on our site. The ones that really don’t get much eyes on them but they are awesome! In the past, once a new post went live, that was pretty much it from me. From there, I basically relied on Pinterest and a few shares on Facebook to pull me through to get the pageviews. Not anymore – changes ahead and a more strategic approach!

With that being said, the above goal goes hand in hand with our pageviews and ad revenue goals for the new year. Although our pageviews are way up high from previous years and my ad revenue is way more than ever before, I want to steady all that up and “possibly” double it all before the end of next year. I know this is a crazy high goal but with the new things I’m learning every day and putting to good use, this hopeful plan of action should really pay off by the end of 2019.

Anyways – I’m really excited to bring on the new year and see all the growth I hope to achieve for Glued To My Crafts. I hope you as a reader are too because your support is what keeps me going every day 🙂 Thank you to the new fans and old! Every comment, personal message, email – means A LOT to me! I’m so glad I can put some crafty spark in the world through my little space on the inter-webs and you trust me to provide it to you!

So without further ado – here are the Top 10 “new this year” craft posts from Glued To My Crafts {in no particular order} that stood out the most for us in 2018! To make my list today, it was a combination of pageviews, Pinterest pins and overall, general social media traction throughout the year. I never thought some of my new seasonal tutorials or “outside the box” paint splat crafts would go viral, especially so close to the end of the year! Hopefully that means great things ahead!

Did your favorite make the list? As always – happy crafting my friends and cheers to an ever BETTER NEW YEAR! Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it’s going to be quiet on our website {and social media sites} for a few days to enjoy some much needed time with family. We will back in 2019 and can’t wait to kick things off again with YOU!! YAY! Till then, check out the awesome posts below!

Happy crafting, my dear friends!!! #gluedtomycrafts


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